Selecting a Mattress

Many shoppers like to compare values from store to store. Unfortunately, in the mattress industry, you may not find the same model or brand name in one store as you did in another. Many mattress retailers offer products that are exclusive to their store so it is difficult to make a proper comparison. Here are some tips to help with comparison shopping.

  • Find a sleep set that you like and then see what levels of comfort and support you can get for the same amount of money in another store.
  • Ask the sales person to show you illustrated or actual cutaways of the interior of the different mattress and foundation choices so that you can see what is inside each mattress.
  • Compare store services such as delivery and removal of old bedding.
  • Shop for the best value and quality, not the lowest price.
When comparing, remember that a "bargain" mattress and foundation are no bargain when it comes to getting a good night's sleep. Considering that you will probably use your bed more than any other product you own, the mattress you sleep on is one of the best cost per day values on the market today. Purchase the best mattress that you are able to afford.

Remember to take your time when selecting a mattress and try your best to select the correct one the first time. As it is such a large item, returning a mattress can be a nightmare with coordinating pick-ups and redelivery, not to mention shopping for another mattress.