.Kinmen Jinhu Store is officially open!
Teh Tai's Kinmen Jinhu Store has officially opened!  We welcome all Kinmen residents to stop by......
.Happy Mid-Autumn Festival
Teh Tai mattress wishes a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to everyone around the world.
.teh tai Tainan Minsheng store inventory clearance SALE! Sale ends August 31.
In order to provide a much more comfortable mattress selection experience for our customers, teh tai's Tainan Minsheng s......
.Changhua Yuanlin Store is officially open!
Teh Tai's Changhua Yuanlin Store has officially opened!  We welcome all Changhua Yuanlin reside......
.Taoyuan's New Flagship Store is officially open!
Teh Tai's Taoyuan Flagship Store has officially opened!  We welcome all Taoyuan residents to stop by and try out a ......