For over 60 years, teh tai® has been producing mattresses for the Taiwanese people.  As Taiwan's most experienced mattress brand, we focus on producing quality mattresses that provide our customers with the best nights' sleep.

In the 1940, Mr. Teh Hong Yen learned how to make springs from a businessman passing through the city of Tainan.  This knowledge and skill led to the idea of producing spring mattresses, which at the time were not popular and rarely used in Taiwan.  In 1951, Teh Hong Yen produced his first mattress and the first spring mattress manufacturing company in Taiwan was created.  

Now, France Bed Company, Ltd has more than 60 years of experience producing mattresses under the teh tai® brand, the oldest and most well-known mattress brand in Taiwan.

The teh tai® brand is Taiwan most well-known and trusted mattress brand.  With over 60 years of experience, teh tai® understands the sleep needs of the Taiwanese people and continuously finds ways to improve and develop newer sleep technologies.  teh tai® produces a variety of mattresses that fit many individual preferences.  teh tai® also specializes in providing custom sizing and is able to quickly produce and deliver mattress shapes and sizes outside of the standard sizes.  With such a wide selection, you are sure to find the perfect mattress for your individual sleep needs.
Our number one priority is the quality of our mattresses as it has a direct relation to the quality of your sleep.  Unlike many other mattress manufacturers, teh tai® produces each essential mattress component in its own factory.  The spring production, quilting, sewing, and mattress assembly departments work together in our new state-of-the-art factory built in 2013.  This way, teh tai® can control the quality of each mattress from start to finish.  

teh tai® uses the highest quality spring wire and foams, imported fabrics, and best mattress making machines to produce mattresses that go through rigorous quality standards before reaching your home.  Our primary focus is to provide you with a great night sleep.
teh tai® is committed to protecting our planet and its resources as well as providing safe and healthy sleep surfaces.  teh tai® is Taiwan's first mattress brand to produce a mattress line that is certified under the Green Mark issued by Taiwan's Environmental Protection Administration.  Each component used to make the teh tai® Green Mattress line is SGS laboratory tested to be low in harmful toxins.  You can sleep comfortably on our Green France Bed, Green abed, and Green Latex Mattresses knowing they are safe and healthy.